Thursday, September 24, 2015

Baseball, Soccer, Football...and HOCKEY

Geez, if you don't get a FanDuel account soon the NFL will just explode. No, really have you ever sat down at your local social gathering place that serves fermented beverages to find that the experience of 2000 million advertisements for another social activity to be annoying?

That being said I think with the end of the baseball season I am incredibly gratiful because spending said Sunday at a local place was tough for a spring chicken like myself because of all the commercials especially if I missed something because I was ordering a fermented beverage.

Worse, I wanted to actually hold a conversation with someone..but then that someone was SSSOOO engrossed with the television that I couldn't have a conversation but then I got interested in the television and the person I was with wanted to know what I was asking and by the 300th FanDuel commercial I had forgotten until


It is horrible the fact I developed an acute ADHD symptoms because of Sunday Sports watching...

That was even before the Emmys started ...Where were those FanDuel commercials then ...all 3 Trillion
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