Monday, September 28, 2015

Don't Like Wine and Don't Need a Job...can't stand Octoberfests....

I completely understand your frustration with me posting events about wine and job fairs.

Also, if someone does invite you to the 1000th Octoberfest event this weekend I am pretty sure it won't kill you but I would just politely decline anyway because there is a lot of other stuff to do too!

Like Give Away Money with Kiva on October 1st at City Hall in San Francisco.

Check out a Premier a movie where you can hobnob with the filmmakers of Trailhead! This event happens October 7th. 

PopUp Magazine shows up on Thrusday October 8th at Davies Symphony 

Looking for College? Aren't we all! So check out Seaside event on the 10th with Cal State Monterey Bay

Do you know HTML what about HTML5 ? Check out this Conference and Training on the 19th thru the 23rd

Not up for 5 days of HTML? Check out the BAH Festival for the Bay Area Science Festival that runs from October 22nd to November 7th.

Okay what about Antiques the Fall Festival of them that runs from the 22nd to October 25th?

Let's see there is three festivals including science and history, an open house to expand your mind, a popup music event and a movie premier...just in case you can give away money too!

If you are looking for more events please feel free to contact me.
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