Monday, September 28, 2015

Find a Job in October least fairs

Okay, October is coming up this Thursday like it just had to show up before November like the calendar says ...

You want to find a job and you can't do that sitting at home.

Walking up to complete strangers and asking for a job...way easier at a job fair (trust me on this).

Here are a couple Job Hunting / Finding events where you can ask complete strangers for monetary compensation.

Learn a New Trade on Thursday October 1st with making Triangle Shelves before you know it you won't be so square.

After your resume learning about contracts is pretty important too. Fortunately, there is a Freelancers Spark featuring Contracts ! Yes, it is Free!

BAAQMD is having a Job Fair on the 6th but you need to Register to win a prize!

On October 13th check out this Congresswoman's Boot Camp for Job Seekers because like I think she got the hunting idea from me. Plus its Free!

Now you went thru the Bootcamp and you want to work Retail there just happens to be a fair for you in Alameda on the 14th ! Its Free too

Looking to work in a school ? Check out this opportunity with SCCOE on the 24th, but you must pre register

Did you serve in the Military there is a Job Fair for you on October 29th in my little neck of the woods. This inaugural event is worthwhile and helpful to the community at large.
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