Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fire Hunting

One hero you may not have heard of this year is the temporary, seasonal fire fighters.

The US Forest has this job description

Seasonal jobs in firefighting include working on a local unit handcrew, on a helitack/helirappelingcrew, a HotShot Crew, as a smokejumper, or on an engine crew. Remember, these are tough jobs usually performed in primitive, backcountry conditions. In addition to specific requirements for each kind of job, it is essential that firefighter be in top physical condition for this demanding work. Employees and prospective employees must pass the Work Capacity Test annually before working on the fireline. The Forest Service will provide you Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing, hardhat and fire shelter, but you must provide your own lug soled, leather eight-inch topped boots. The Forest Service also provides training in many specialty fields.
The people involved in Fire and Aviation Management well represent the pride exemplified by all Forest Service employees in "caring for the land and serving people." We look for dedicated men and women from all walks of life, of all abilities, to join our workforce.

from the US forest service webpage ...

The Cost of Fire fighting is more expensive than buying a Tesla 

I think this is a good start on recruiting 

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