Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Get Your Hot ....Cookie?

One thing that happened was a notice at the top of my blogger page that informed me that Blogger which is part of Google which has an agreement with the European Union which is part of the International Community now has an Cookie alert on my blog.

I am sorry did you not like cookies? I didn't know you my lone Google Bot reader didn't like cookies is that why your tail is .cn or .ru or .uk because I could send you a honest to gawd note that I don't like your cookies any more than you like mine.

Seriously, Europe its not all about you and yet you know its really you not me right?

I don't collect cookies the most clicks this blog has ever gotten is actually because of a keyword that had nothing to do with Eli Roth ( sorry I am going to milk this a little today ). From what i understand he is lactose intolerant like me so our beef to speak is done ( at least until I get a check from Ad Sense ).

I am pretty sure the only and I do mean the ONLY thing reading my blog that is part of the EU or even the Queens' army is a Google bot that was student's homework assignment to prove how a google bot is done.

I have no fans in England and Eli Roth didn't send me anything while I was vacation last month.

So keep your cookie warning but fair warning you may be disappointed to find I don't bake per the fire department request really I have to use +EAT24 to get Pizza seriously.

No Cookie maker here ...i buy mine at Whole Foods.


PS. Really I don't know Eli Roth and have NO CLUE why my diatribe about 7 years ago still is ranking higher than my candidate announcement but if you click on the Ad Sense ad below ten  thousand more times I might get a check for $10.

Second Post Script: I actually watched an Eli Roth movie and I still don't understand his obsession with smurfs. Really...Smurfs...i am as shocked as you are.
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