Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I lost a shoe Pismo

As you may know I have been working out at Retro Fitness for about 18 months now and


A whole shoe size I am no longer a size 10 shoe but now a size 9 pretty amazing to discover that in a Nine West store no less.

So I went to another store and checked again

Vans...size 9

Shoe Palace

size 9

Gucci ( it was a fling and honestly I was pretty giddy at this point)

9 1/2

Okay, while I may have annoyed a few people I was pretty stoked about the shoe loss.

I actually can not remember when I started wearing the dreaded Size 10 shoe size which somehow made shoe buying a nearly impossible venture to the OTHER aisle the aisle where you will find a bunch of shoes confused looking like construction work boots and cross trainers with neon pink shoelaces

Instead of getting the sleek, leather pumps in the other shoe sizes I always had to settle for the nurse wedge heels penny loafers.

My biggest problem ...apparently size 9 shoes are just as expensive as size 10 not far.

Put Size 9 on sale!!!
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