Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's kinda a big town...

While San Jose is what some would call small town the reality is that from Downtown to the South Almanden Boulevard to the East Foothills and West to Santa Cruz mountains you would be surprised to see such small town attributes.

One thing is that consistently surprises me that I am never "far" away from anything.

The El Camino Real is about 2 miles from anywhere so is the Monterey Highway about 5 miles from anywhere, if not closer.

While traffic backs up on the major arterial freeways you will find side streets, neighborhood pockets and more in this small town.

A population of easily over a million people should instantly be considered a large metropolitan city but, yet somehow San Jose gets knocked with the small town compared to other cities.

Why am I bringing this up? Simply, as I headed out of town I overheard a woman and a man talking about San Jose ...and they could not disguise their disbelief that the town was kinda big.

I just chuckled.

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