Sunday, September 20, 2015

Its A Mousse !

This tale of drama is brought to you with more than a pinch of salt and whole lotta insomnia.

One morning I could hear a hiss kinda like what people with Tinnitus must suffer from.

Except, I could tell it wasn't that and yet I thought nothing of it at 3am in the morning.

Then, I realized the hissing wasn't stopping even when I shook the curtain to make the now trapped fly stop his hissing that was disturbing me at 4:15am.

Now, I am not a paranoid person 24/7 but when I realized at 5:30am the hissing had not stopped and it was coming from a wall without an electrical outlet I feared I had :

  • a snake
  • a hive of wasps
  • a water leak
So I go over to the direction where this hissing in the past 8 hours of non sleep time has been consistent and now noisier. 

I start to unplug all the electrical equipment and pull away the makeup table.

I didn't find a hive of wasps or a snake and there isn't any water. 

Now, its 7am and I am without sleep and this hissing noise has consumed my brain to the point I fear

  • There is an electrical fire inside the wall and its going to blow. 
I frantically start to clear away all the items in the near vicinity of the now "on Fire" wall. 
I am about to call PG&E because after feeling the wall its not hot and yet I can still hear the hissing noise that isn't just loud now I think it just creaked. 

I start to frantically pick up every thing I own and listen to where this hissing noise is coming from ....

Then I see it ...a compact bottle of hair styling product I purchased before I moved into my current abode ...its black and now I can see a small warp occurring ...

The (Hair) Mousse is going to Blow.

Which is fortunately avoided by my quick thinking to empty the contents and trash the offending container to the bin. 

Let this be a word of wisdom for you ...check the expiration dates on your hair products...they actually do expire ( sometimes explode ). 

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