Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's not April Fool's ...unless you pay rent here in Oz

Its the first of September so, did you pay your rent? I know I told you...
Here is flashback all the way to 2010 and Rent is Due

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rent's Due: even on April's Fools Day

Hi, its nice to be back and I hope you like it too.

Basically, I have discussed holidays, roommates, and paying your rent on time and even how to buy a home if you so choose.

It is time to look at the landlord perspective whether property or home owner you got to take a minute and look at their perspective.

They may have paid for the property in full or be paying off an enormous loan because they refinanced twice while that is not your concern it is a reality that landlords have to face on a monthly basis hence while you the tenant pays fine until the 5th to ensure the landlord gets his money back because the banks are not generous or even human.

Over the past year, I looked into jobs that allotted me to live on premises i.e. tenant / administrator/ property manager type of deal.

one such egregious post only offered a $200 reduction in rent from $1500 a month for a studio apartment so you had to cough up $1300 and if you didn't met that requirement there was not a second in person interview.

The problem is that the property does not make money for the landlord especially since the county assesor keeps lowering values and having general bad mistakes made in that whole math equation of overinflation of property values.

As a renter this should not concern you and after reading this post push the thought out of your mind.

I being the nosy type of person knows how to look at county assesor records and tax documents meaning I know when shit stinks and when it doesn't. At one point I had my ex landlord over a barrel and wrapped around my index finger if I so choose and trust me it was seriously tempting but I know the devil is in the details.

What I am trying to convey without saying it outright, when you the tenant do not pay your rent today or four days from now you are causing havoc where none should be caused i.e. you are making a molehill into a mountain for no good reason.

The landlord / property owner has other things to deal with like the water bill, property taxes, city taxes and regulations about trees (trust me in campbell trees are like the sacred cow you don't touch one unless mother nature says so and she is a bitch about it). The landlord/property owner has to take on a lot of more problems and you adding to the pile is like putting more manure on a mushroom all it does is grow bigger.

As I promote tenant rights there isn't a lot of property / landlord rights they can't come into the abode without giving 24 hour notice and if you should say forgo paying rent it can take up to 120 days before you actually leave said property and then you may leave it in some sort of catastrophic disarray that has to be cleaned up and remolded at whose expense that of the landlord/property owner.

So even on April Fool's Day pay your rent ontime because not all the landlord/ property owners are blood sucking, evil undead people.
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