Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Purple

While I am inclined to say I thought this up all my own I am going to credit Zoe Ambler  because I think Purple is one of her favorite colors.

(*editorial note: Zoe doesn't know I am crediting her with this because really who else would I credit with my new found love for all things purple ? Barney )

So there I am looking thru my stash of makeup and I come across these items no particular order

Sally Hansen Color Quick in Purple ELF Studio Eyeliner and Shadow stick in purple
Maybelline Great Wear in Wine
and Cover Girl On the Mauve Lipstick (445)

Now this combination doesn't actually work with my skin tone unless I am wearing a black shirt or a grey dress or a plum dress..

Yes, I am now planning an outfit around my makeup. 

(*editorial note : this is not a sponsored post and worse yet the author actually tried to do this when she was 13 failing horribly to look like Sheena Easton..this is a recipe for disaster but don't tell her okay ). 

One thing about makeup I never really understood was how much you have to wear to look like you are not wearing any. 

This brings me to my new dilemna I don't usually wear makeup so making this effort to put an outfit together around the stuff on my face is great because I have not only one shade of purple...

BUT SIX! Yup ...I got the Iced Plum from Cover Girl

I have different tones/shades of purple on my face. Then I go and ask people if they can see it on me? 

They tell me I look great with PINK on? What? pink?

Its' Purple!!!

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