Monday, September 7, 2015

Let's Eat Baltimore

While the favorite cooking show has turned into a Binge Eating Disorder Public Service announcement ...really eating paper now? There must be some better gastronomic options in Baltimore..

Step back to the days of yore when eating over an open flame was great with court at the Maryland Renaissance Fair and get your fair share of Meade and Knave 

Don't feel like meat and potatos are your deal then there is the Seafood Festival and if I didn't already have plans I would make my way over to this seafood sanctuary.

There is the Annapolis Craft Beer and Music Festival complete 100 beers to taste

If you really just need to work your brain and still enjoy great pub food then Slainte Irish Pub is for you on Wednesday nights because we all love a good trivia just like Hannibal.
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