Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Migrating ?

The migrant population and the crisis in Europe is making me wonder where would I go if I had to leave Oz ( Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area).

The problem is that for the past 18 months I have been trying to leave Oz and trust me if economic factors was my only reason I should have left for Oregon months ago.

Just I would not have been the only one.

I am in an incredibly unique position to see both sides of economics the employer and the employee and I can point to times on the calendar when I saw at least 5 people that moved from Phoenix to San Jose.

Now 5 people are not alot, but that is a reflection of probably 2% of new population that came to Oz ( yes, I am talking about 20K people ) moving from Phoenix to California in the Spring of this year.
That would be concerning except at the same time I know of about 7 people moving from Oz to Portland ( yes I am saying that 22K people ) moved at the same time.

It was like being a bird watcher without going outside.

Now it is the fall and I am seeing a new trend more than 1% maybe a full 3% of actual immigrants moving to California from Canada, Russia, China, Denmark and Spain collectively.

All the while I am seeing still an exodus from Oz so there is a type of balance.

Except in the talent pool.

As our minimum wage has skyrocketed in San Francisco alone the micro-economics have tilted to the job seeker and now I wait 15 minutes at the bank for a teller.

I also wait 10 minutes at the Florist, I spent 20 minutes on hold for an agent.

While my smaller, more nimble restaurants have staff the larger fancier hotels, and such have gaps that are growing by the day.

The fact that some migrants are unable to work because of their Visa's is actually hurting the economics more than the migration itself.

Because if they can't work they will leave shrinking the talent pool even further and in doing so leaving Oz thus Business will leave to.

But where will the Businesses go? I may be using Oz as an example but the reality is this is happening to every major city here in the United States Austin, Philly , Denver from large chains to iconic teams - the talent pool is shrinking enough that there may candidates but are they qualified?

So back to my original question of Where the hell do I go if I can't stay here?

If I stay I may miss out on prosperous growth elsewhere and If I go I may be in the low man on the totem pole situation in my new abode.

Yes, the fear of going is strong just as the fear of staying is so where does one find the courage to stay and / or the courage to go?

Maybe I will wait until Donald Trump becomes President and California is sold to China to pay off the massive US debt.

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