Sunday, September 13, 2015

My eBay Experiment

Well, I went and made an eBay account and tried to sell some stuff.

I actually did do some good cleaning of my closet and for the most part I have not added to my closet aside from the free t shirt and a pair of work pants.

I sold a great silk dress and a gold shimmer dress and a few pairs of pants.

The items that have not sold are still up in my closet and I am still debating having the pants taken in and the suits tailored.

The one thing I kinda forgot about was the cost of shipping which is where I found I didn't make as much money as I hoped from selling. Yet in the process of shipping I found a buyer for an few items which is great right...I am still able to empty my closet and make money.

Was my eBay experience good? I am actually neutral about it because I did buy some items on eBay that was fantastic from travel sizes of sunscreen to finding a prices for golf stuff.

So for now, eBay is a good resource but if you think you can make $100 on something figure you will actually make $75 because of shipping costs.

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