Tuesday, September 1, 2015

No...I am not joking.

Wow, First day back blogging and boy do I have lots to say ...well sorta ...

Here is a flashback from a few other "returns"

Flashback just to June 1st Two Thousand and Fourteen where I returned from a month off of blogging .....

....and I am back at it!Thank you, thank you, and sincere appreciation to the Google Bots whom without their meager support I wouldn't have an Adwords account.Okay all the snarky attitude aside basically May 9th is the day my mom passed away and it sucks every year that goes by.Why? Hello, instead of joining a wine club or supporting a Kickstarter campaign I would have gone and visited my mom and we'd have travels over the entire country plus I might finally learn the recipe for stuffed bell peppers.Well, maybe not that recipe but you get the gist I miss my parents with all my heart. Plus I could probably get a place rent free.So, I take some time away from the perpetual blogging to figure out the next six months and well revisit some ideas.Mind you not all ideas are great and fabulous but this is my blog so if you don't like it get your own blog.First off you probably could guess this but today I am going to hang out at the Sunset Magazine Open House in Menlo Park.Next you probably also already know that I will tell you about what's happening where and how to get there.Finally, I appreciate your feedback any feedback so please leave a comment if just to tell me that the Google Bot is not the only one reading my blog.Well, I am back at it so let's get it started shall we...oh and yes its hot here too!
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