Sunday, September 13, 2015

Not So Scavenger : Job Hunt

While the economics of the nation seem to be fluctuating across the spectrum in response to international crisis the microcosm of the job hunt in your neighborhood is either really good or really bad.

As I mentioned previously that the talent pool here in Oz has shrunken to a mere couple of drops of water but elsewhere there is still a huge population not finding jobs from Texas to Chicago there is about a Million people out of work and unable to find work.

Where on the East Coast the same micro talent pool is forming and not in a good way.

The open positions on the East Coast are in health care, education, fire departments, and local governments positions that need to be filled if a society is to survive.

So move east?


So move west?


One thing a job seeker is consistently concerned about is what is the turnover rate at a position. If an employer is recruiting hundreds of people the turnover rate is probably higher than average. If an employer has long term employees and opens for recruiting maybe once a year the turnover rate would be low.

While everyone ( EVERYONE) is bombarded by the idea of being an business owner and / or an Entrepreneur that brings with it the supposed riches of wealth and fame.

It is a falsehood.

Donald Trump did not become wealthy overnight it took time and he went bankrupt several times but he didn't clean one toilet he had to hire someone to do that.

Advisors have to consult with clients who pay them to be successful.

Lawyers have to litigate agreements and waitresses have to serve food.

The thing is people value work balance now more than ever. I know someone who is working in a pet store and he said one reason he is still there ( 3 years ) is because the field he is going into is specialized and as he finishes his school he can "afford" to spend four hours working "petting cats" because that is what essentially he did recently.

The fact is you can get a job that pays a lot of money and you can work 60 hours a week and stay there for a maximum of three years before you have to move on and move onto the next job that is 70 hours a week but if you can't enjoy your job or find your balance you are not going to be happy and what is the point of working if you are just trying to get to the next level?

So look at jobs outside your arena and look in your backyard.

Be sure to know what you want to do and that you can actually do it because while the talent pool is small employers can be just as selective as you.
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