Saturday, September 5, 2015

Now for the kids in the back ...first week back

School started that translates to more traffic and trust me that is hysterical where I live because in Oz you don't necessarily need to drive a car but if you do please learn how to merge.

Let's catch up on this past week because I think in the future we won't need to merge
On Monday I reminded you there is always something to do and this weekend included .

I may bake a batch of cookies but I promise I am not collecting them.

Aside from the weather I chatted about how much I spend on my commute - don't worry it is perfectly normal to be jealous of me ....just for my commute though.

Finally, I asked the Internet for this

Turnstile Tunes on Thursday

Dear Internet,

There are some very iconic videos that kicked off a whole channel that happened over 20 years ago.

So could we please remake these videos and songs ...PUHLESSE...
I am thinking Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and maybe Miley Cyrus for this one

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