Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review...Re Views Views on Re...

Have you ever been trapped reading online reviews or comments?

I did and here is what I found
People need to leave comments even though they don't really have an opinion.

The problem started simply enough I was watching a YouTube video and then I clicked below suddenly I saw them...

COMMENTS ....hundreds of thousands of COMMENTS.

It was like finding the gold mind of mental health issues in one giant box.

Yet, my new found late night game of misdiagnosed mental illnesses wasn't complete until I found

REPLIES.....on Twitter ...a few dozen replies because by #6 or 7 you are either having a supplemental conversation that actually had nothing o do with the original conversation or you have a desperate need for attention five hours later after the first actual tweet.

This problem wasn't a real problem until I tripped over REVIEWS.
Now reviews from Amazon to Walmart on products, rentals, and services were not a problem until I found a plethora of all reviews relevant to my existence ..
Wine Reviews.

It did not matter if the wine I wanted to drink or was hoping to drink was being put up on a pedestal for tomatoes to thrown at. I was hooked on the diatribe and sometime legitimate claims about the wine was not my concern but the response to the reviews ....simply:
                                  If you do not like the wine just state your distaste for it, but going on a 4000 page rant about someone liking the wine you abhor is an absolute waste of time. Worse, when you do this activity on the internet you are a troll and not the cute lawn kind but an internet troll.

As I sat back and read the intense conversations and somewhat bad english grammar I found myself wanting to jump in and remind people that its just wine and not world peace but it would be for naught because ....yes there would be some poor soul trying to make world peace happen  by jumping in the thread and then becoming the very roadkill you get for trying to voice a sound reason to stop going back and forth, back and forth expecting to change the outcome of what essentially already happened.

I was then completely enthralled because the subject matter didn't matter anymore from tweets to wine to adult porn comedies ( yes there is a review site just for porn and apparently porn comedies with wine ) I could easily see why at one point in our country's great history one Mr. McCarthy ( non Beatles ) suggested putting gallons upon gallons of lithium in the general drinking supply to ensure the population didn't go completely off the rails.

Because sometimes all we need is a little bit of lithium to make the world a better place...or just the internet safe.

Keep your bags of salt and maybe a therapist number handy.

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