Saturday, September 26, 2015

So What Up?

Have you ever tried all the sleeping positions in one night?
I did and I still have insomnia...its AWESOME.

Forgoing the whole Heat wave, cool for one day then a new heat wave then freezing cold then heat wave ( yes we get three heat waves) trend here is what is up this past week in posts!

I don't run or surf but today you can at the Santa Cruz Triathlon  ( Go Terry! )

( Side note there is also the Canary Foundation ride too! Go Andy )

Love Sports....well aside from another social media platform I think all 400K different types of sports are going on any weekend here

I "MIGHT" have contributed to the drought ...but then again we have to have 64oz a day ( 8x8=64 that is your math lesson for the day)

I hope you get some sleep ....I will probably just try to drink more water ( if possible )
Have a great weekend and when I say there is a ton of stuff to do here ...THERE IS

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