Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Sweet Repeat

Finally- it is Sunday so I am sleeping in today and trying to actually have Sunday Breakfast ...

Enjoy this repost while I try to scramble some eggs
Dinner ?

I can cook ! DINNER?

Recently as I was following the BlogHer Food Bloggerconvention updates about all the fun that is happening inMiami Florida I thought about my need to watch cookingshows in general I think mine and everyones cooking show fantasy started with PBS and JuliaYan andJeff  then there was this station where you saw Martha,Jaques with his daughter, then this guy and that guy ( Emeril and Bobby respectively ) and today you can not get away from a cooking show even a pretentious cookingcompetition.

It is really hard not to find the art of cooking unless you are talking to me. Where I open up a package of beef put into a pot with olive oil, salt and pepper searing at first then add a can of vegetables and lower the heat down. Add one egg and two table spoons of flour , mixing together  for about 10 minutes or so. Taking a package of add water to make gravy package and voila in about 30 minutes I have dinner of a different kind. The vegetables are definitely cooked but this  is more like make a meatball or loaf but its ground beef that is just awesome and it all starts with two ingredients
I can saute with a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon  or even spice it up with a Petit Syrah. I can add white pepper and a little bit of Chardonnay or even just open up a package of make a gravy for a winter meal. Got broth add these two ingredients and you got soup. 

So yeah I made dinner ...awesome what's for dessert?

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