Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Take Monday Off ...its Labor Day unless you are pregnant

Hey, Let's have a baby on Monday? No, okay fine but here is some other stuff you can do right up until Tuesday.

I love this stuff and you should too...

Get some Blues with your Biscuits as Chris Cain makes you hungry for more!

Remember it ! Smell your Memory in Los Gatos...and yes its about wine !

RUN! Seriously the first Thursday you can go on an ADVENTURE RUN  in San Carlos no less and as long as you didn't steal anything this adventure run should be good ...unless you are indeed being chased by cops.

Eat a Minion at the Library ! Yes, those cute Minions are edible ...thank goodness the food crisis is averted !

BACON FESTIVAL ...yes your pork rinds are all crispy unless you use the Soy ones which are JUST AS CRISPY! Moveable Feast takes over Cesar Chavez Park and we get greasy !

I know there is more but I think its time to hit the Gym!

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