Friday, September 18, 2015


I do not know when actual construction will stop along San Carlos and First Street but there is one thing that people traveling to San Jose need to understand when they travel here for the Super Bowl.
People may have Teslas

There will be a Starbucks everywhere you go

Taking Public Transit is recommended but not utilized

Our minimum wage is higher than yours

and People live in tents under over passes.

You will find tents pushed up against highways alcoves where only doves would be.

You will find tents tucked away inbetween the space of the on ramps and off ramps.

You will find a tent available on AirBnB to rent for the Super Bowl.

While you maybe shocked to find our technological city with all the app advancements and driverless Google cars that people live in tents.

Some tents are really nice like the four room kind with a screen patio.

Some tents are makeshifts of tarp and cardboard held together with duct tape.

Some tents are for one person but usually more.

This isn't a poem or a tale of woe but just a note to remind you when you come here there will be people living in tents.
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