Monday, September 21, 2015

The Soapbox

Here on the super information highway its hard to stand out and be heard.
I am actually considering hiring a publicist and an editor for the last year of my blog but, common sense prevailed.

Why would I hire someone to promote my blog that is essentially on its last legs?
You see this blog is my first soapbox that I got on the internet and while I adore it and honestly find a lot of humor in it I should direct my attention to making my other blogs flourish.

That brings me to my secondary problem ...the editorial calendar I am actually really proud of my "plans" but the reality is just like everytime I act surprised when my menstrual cycle starts ....I am really not surprised because its own calendar so the joyous reaffirmation that I am not pregnant by celestial beings is a bit overkill.

I actually ended this blog for 2012  then started it back up in 2013 but even in 2009 I flirted with pulling the umbilical cord. Though every time I did return I had more enthusiasm than a kid at a donut store.

The worse part is that there are professional writers whom have agents and publicist already and then the writers go and call themselves bloggers and its a pain to bother myself to compete with that.

Worse, there were ...ghost writers ! Yes, today Ghosting is how you leave a party but apparently I can earn a lot of cash if I write 500 word posts and let someone put their name on it.

So yes, getting an editor and a publicist is great you know any that will work for bacon?

So trudge on and know that my typing away at the keyboard for alien overlords to avoid earth for a bit longer is like vitamins good for you but a bit overpriced.

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