Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursdays ....We should Challenge them...

Tomorrow is the Anniversary of the September 11th attacks where we remember the fallen and those who have died in defense of that date.

Today we need to ask our "leaders" difficult questions ...questions that need to be answered ...answers that will help our nation move forward.

  • Do you support the Veterans with passing bills combating homelessness and unemployment? How have they done that? 
  • Do you have an actual funded plan to replace Planned Parenthood to ensure women still have access to reproductive health services? 
  • Do you have an realistic and viable employment plan for all the Doctors, Nurses and medical facilities that would be out of work upon repeal of Roe v Wade? 
  • Do you have an economic plan that both parties and both houses of Congress would fund upon the dismantling of Social Security? 
  • Do you support the rebuilding of the homes in Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma and other natural disaster locations? 
  • Do you have a fully funded health program upon the repeal of America Health Insurance?
  • Will you still provide the law enforcement with automatic weapons upon enacting the Drone Program? 
  • Do you have an funded plan to raise the tax rate ? What about the minimum wage? 
  • Upon the Federal Treasury raising rates, will you call in the "loans" to the banks? 
Ask tough questions about the reality of the impact of radical reform like what about the talent pool shrinking? What about the toxic sludge in the Colorado River clean up ? How will they overhaul the prison system where over 20% of inmates have mental disabilities? Will they resume the shuttle space program given that Russia is no longer working with us? 

Seriously, ask tough questions. 
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