Saturday, September 26, 2015


It has been a difficult summer for me and my waistline. Since May I did (mostly) what the Doctor ordered me to do.

Now, being praised for continuing to keep up my exercise regime and maintain my current weight is nice.

Being told that I am aging ( also known as the A word with me ) is just not that great. In fact I have been know to throw an Adult full on temper tantrum that made most 6 year olds cry the waiting room with all the cool toys.

Barring some more drastic measures in which I refuse to participate due to my health plan may go hay wire I am officially waiting to weighing.

Yeah, there is one way I can go down and I might lose another 30 pounds but then be right back where I am currently being stuck having only lost the additional 30 pounds and fighting to keep it.

Or I can continue on doing the slow tried and true method that I am on sans medical procedures and prescriptions and hopefully lose the next 30 pounds - naturally.

It will only take 6 months versus 3 months. So that is it 3 months I lose 30 lbs or 6 mos I lose 30 lbs.

For once I am taking the natural way because of the health insurance guru I know says regardless of healthcare coverage if you take the medical route you will be "bumped" into another category regardless of actual progress.

The one thing is I can only weigh myself once a month whereas previously I was doing it weekly. This time I am also sticking to a calorie diary where I report the number of calories I ate not what i ate.

This is different because let's say I get 3 Hostess Twinkies ( 6 x 150) that is 900 calories so I can have a whole 1100 more calories for an active person but one thing I found in my trial week was I usually only eat between 1500 to 1800 calories a day.
Hence my goal is not to eat 6 Hostess Twinkies in a day.

I usually stop after one anyway.
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