Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Workout Wednesday; Lower Back Exercises

Okay I read the blog posts and I realized with my body shape the only way for me to "appear smaller" would be to make a V out of my body this means my shoulders appear wider than my hips and thus my lower back and waist "smaller" than my shoulder.

Except I have to keep working out my lower back to handle the now muscular shoulders because my shoulders and chest are trimming but, my lower back muscles are just kinda sitting there taking on extra weight without enough support.

Thus I try to find more lower back exercises because the reality is the band before my glutes is seriously without any definition versus my rib cage area appears to be tighter and my shoulders are immense.

My first couple attempts yielded one or two answers and that included from a trainer. My next couple attempts was so futile due to pop up ads and video ad auto plays I was extra annoyed.

I finally picked up an book at the library in part because my online frustration was just that- frustration.

Now targeting one muscle group is great but picking on one muscle group after you have given a whole another section attention is just plain stupid. It is as if my glutes, hamstrings and shoulder blades had a mind of their own and wouldn't let me exercise without working them out too. I started to have hamstrings scream at me trying to do a crunch on a ball, my shoulders went full 180 and became heavier with each Superman exercise I tried to repeat.

So I employed a foam roller to do some basic work/stretch/resistence....nada, nope, forget about it as my lower back muscles decided not to co operate and apparently my Sciatica nerve decided to make itself known and nearly send me to the stratosphere.

People, I have not even given birth to another human where is the nerve get off causing me distress like this.

Apparently the A word comes up and and I have been aggravating the nerve with improper sitting and general disregard for good posture over the past some thousand of years hence today the nerve is like tired and wants a vacation.

Aside from lesser load of weight training I went to a chiropractor and that relieved a lot of the issue but it doesn't solve the problem entirely as I need to make sure I continue to do low impact exercises ( no kickboxing for me ) and regular massage intermixed with a chiropractic office visit to set my spine because remember I have been working up my upper shoulders for nearly 2 years there is a lot to do to remind my back to use all its muscles.

While some hyper extension exercise is good I have to do more stretch than muscle build again because the excess weight around my abdomen is still causing more pressure than the shoulders.

Hence I am here to say keep the yoga poses and practice those for your lower back while you continue to shave or shape your abdomen muscles.

Or you could just do a full body workout which takes about 3 hours ...I did it one day and while I felt great doing just about every exercise in the book ( 15 reps x 3 sets each exercise ) inter mixed with cardio I was pretty pleased with myself and then I realized I would need to do this everyday to get the weightloss I wanted ...I would do so much better if I just slept at the gym.

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