Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Workout Wednesday : Water and more water

I use to be a swimmer in high school and junior college. I really want that body back but with the drought here in california it seems selfish to want to fill up a large block of hollowed out concrete with water.

That doesn't include how many times I actually refill my bottle at the gym

About four years ago and even 8 years ago I invested in a liquid refreshment of water. Yeah, drink water and drink more water and drink something else that is clear and comes from the tap aka water.

The problem is as refreshing as water is, I am desperate for flavor sometimes and while water should be fine on its own I have been known to dabble in the Flavor Enhancers like Propel drops and Mio drops with Energy. I know that the most I am getting is a lot of citric acid, sugar and maybe some B vitamins with enhanced water.

Worse, I can drink whole lot of water one day without really watching I drank 2 gallons of water courtesy of water bladder worked over time.

Unfortunately, all I did was rinse my kidneys because no matter how much water you drink its not going to magically make you lose all the fat in your system. It is frustrating when people say ( and even myself )
" Just drink some water instead "
Yup that is all I need instead of the caffeine I have been drinking for the past year and suddenly stopped.

Water is refreshing but it is only part of the solution because the other part is in a pool where you can do a serious workout using all your muscles so why not head down to the YMCA and get some exercise in ...there are Master Swimmers at the YMCA I was so intimidated and not by the price of joining the local YMCA either.

I want to get in the water but if I keep drinking it like I am there may be none left for the pool.
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