Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Workout Wednesday : Wellbeats for 20 minutes

In effort to keep working out a little longer in the gym I have employed the great tool Wellbeats when I can. I can't say enough about just an extra 20 minutes doing a different exercise helps you stay engaged in the gym.

Sometimes I do cardio then weights then I am in a pickle do I wrap up my workout with a stretch or sit in the cardio theater room for another 30 minutes?

Thus, the Wellbeats helps me a lot in effort to stay at the gym and continue to burn calories which is what I need to do if I want to break my next 30 pounds. Trust me these thirty pounds are tough and even breaking them down into 5lb increments seems easy but those five pounds fluctuate a lot in 30 days.

So, I do Yoga, Kickboxing, TKO, Spin and more. I can do 20 minutes which goes by so fast ! Or if I am lucky to have a partner I can do 45 minutes this really does help me stay focused in the gym because afterward I can finish with a stretch or go back and hit the weights for a just a little more burn.

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