Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Workout Wednesday : Yoga in Saint James Park

This past summer there was a great opportunity with Be The Change Yoga and the San Jose Park Foundation who got a grant to do programs in Saint James Park.

One of those activities was Yoga Monday, Wednesday and Friday done by Be The Change Yoga  and I was so happy after my first session on a mild Wednesday afternoon and promised to keep the habit as much as possible.

Before the ACL surgery I did a yoga class at San Jose City College and loved it completely so when I went to the park I thought I found a shady spot and pretty flat ground.

I was so out of Yoga shape the most I could complete was child pose and downward dog but, I felt amazing and the experience reminded me the importance of taking time and just connecting yourself.

I went a few times over the complete series and each time I found myself in the unique spot that would start out in the shade and then end in full sun.
While I couldn't see I adored the fact I was getting my Vitamin D too.

I can not say enough for the benefit for my work too I was pretty refreshed and ready to take on whatever was holding me down that morning. The series is an hour long and while I tried my best to stay I had to get back into the office on a few days.

Yes, the sounds of the area were distracting at first I really had to work to stop watching the cars and lightrail trains passing by. Of course there was a dog and the dog wanted nothing to do with me which meant I had to watch it constantly just laugh out loud at some the dog antics that would ensue.

Squirrels would chase each other and eventually the birds would chirp louder than the fire truck sirens.

What I did not know that the police would walk thru the park prior to scheduled events and hustle the homeless out of the area. While its understandable that some of the activities were not the greatest events I am surprised at the need to disrupt the homeless.

Saint James park is surrounded by two churches and an outreach center in addition to being large swaths of land that could be gobbled up by a developer the park should be supported with such efforts as Yoga and free concerts because it is a neighborhood park in need of support.

The yoga made me see a lot more than I expected and of course the workout helped too.
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