Saturday, September 19, 2015

Would You like to be part of 5 Questions?

Yes, 5 Questions is returning and I am interested in hearing from you!

If you are not a family member or a google bot drop me a line and we'll connect over 5 questions.

If you do not want to answer 5 questions there is 3 Things You Need To Know (about me) we can do.

5 Questions is a series I do with regular people, bloggers, professionals I know that gives them the spotlight about them and with my 5 questions you get to know something that really is interesting about them.

3 Things You Need To Know is like the warning labels on firecrackers but only better.

I have both examples below and I hope you will join me ...leave a comment or drop me a line if you like to participate in October.

5 Q's

  1. Why take up space on the Internet? After the Library of Congress started to digitize all of their files I realized there was going to be no other way than to stamp my space on the virtual highway with a soapbox and type away. 
  2. How many dogs do you really have? None, I am not currently a dog guardian but I do live vicariously thru people that I know that have dogs including my co-worker whom brought in her dogs recently.
  3. Will you stop drinking wine? Probably not all together. I actually do not drink a lot of wine compared to other wine bloggers / aficionados I know but, I do enjoy it when I can. 
  4. Spellcheck is not the be all of grammar, go back to English class! Yes, I do understand the internet is full of bad grammar and my sentence structures do not always work as well but then you know HTML? 
  5. Just pack up already and move! Yes, my travel blog is getting more attention and Swimfaye is getting more posts...oh wait you meant from Oz? Oh..yeah about that...HhhhheeeellllOOOO its OZ where else could I go ? Kansas?
3 Things You Need To Know

  1. I love to spend time on the coast looking out at the bay. It has become a thing to where I plan a day of just being able to do that for like 30 minutes. 
  2. I can cook but what I can not decide. I will throw everything in a pot and its Goulash
  3. I miss my parents terribly even though they have left this plane a long time ago I will talk about them like they are alive.
So not really hard is it? Please leave a comment if you like to join in the series..Thanks. 
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