Thursday, October 1, 2015

5 Questions Recap : The Olive Bar in Campbell

Hey ...only 30 more days till we fall back and in that tradition let's see how the Olive Bar is in Campbell..

Ed & Chyrstie The Olive Bar

5 Biz Questions : Ed and Chrystie De Soto The Olive Bar in Campbell

What seems like such a long time ago actually was just 6 years when I lived in Campbell and was running for office. One of the cornerstones of my campaign was to go and talk directly with business owners ask them questions about their views on the community as a whole. I was fortunate to have met Ed and Chrystie De Soto proprietors of The Olive Bar
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So here are my Five Business Questions for Ed and Chrystie

1. Ok, Olive Oil versus Fish Oil, which one is better in your opinion?

A. In my opinion, Olive Oil is more better and more flexible than fish oil and can be used in so many ways and still get all the benefits.

2.You opened in 2005 and since expanded your selection, what is the next product ?

A. Our newest product and our #1 seller is Pure-Raw-All Natural Coconut from the Philippines, it is a miracle oil and can be used for so many things, like baking, cooking, frying and ours is the only one that takes a month to make, it has to sit for 3-weeks while it ages, is cured and dries out naturally, and absolutely "No Heat" is ever used in it's process, it does everything except "Raise The Dead".

3. Favorite Olive?

A. We love the flavored olive oils, Herb, Garlic, Orange, Lime, Lemon, Basil and all the rest, they add so much to a salad or dip, etc.

4. Where do you source your oil?

A. We check all over the web and resource various importers and wholesalers for fresh bulk Extra Virgin Olive Oils only that we can buy and fill in our store

5. Any plans on taking a vacation?

A. We generally like Puerto Villarta where we have a time share, and then may also pick a cruise as well during the year.

Thank you Ed and Chrystie!About the Olive Bar
About the Olive Bar
About the Olive Bar
About the Olive Bar
About the Olive Bar
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