Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Questions with Mackenzie Devlin

To continue the 5 Questions this week I got to chat with author Mackenzie Devlin

 Her next book, "A Dangerous Kind of Girl" is nearing the end phase with editing. She already started writing my next romance tentatively called Therapy. 
  1. When you write do you start with the ending of the story and work backward? 
 I've never started any story with the ending in mind and work backward. Very often the ending I think might happen, changes entirely several times throughout writing the story. Endings are important, whether or not they will "hang", leaving room for a sequel or tying up loose ends and giving the book a finality. But I believe a beginning is the most important part. If you don't grab the reader then, forget about the rest of the book.

2. What state do you want to die in? 
 I want to live out the remainder of my life in Montana. It might be cliche but I see myself enjoying a sunset on a long summer evening, sitting on my deck or porch, drinking some lemonade, the dog chasing a ball and someone playing the banjo. I can't play the banjo, so unless I learn, it will be someone else. 

3. I s there a character that you killed off and you wished you didn't?
 I don't kill my characters. But my other characters do. Sometimes I wish I changed the decision to have a character exit but sometimes I realize that it fits the story and hard decisions must be made.

4. Self Publishing is hard, is there a fast track to getting published the old fashioned way? 
I have never published "the old fashioned" way but I can say that many people speak about the demise of physical books too quickly. If you are trying to get noticed as an author, you can't over look other types of material - print, audio still being very important. E-books are convenient but once I saw that Barnes and Noble was bringing back vinyl albums it secured the notion that print is not dead. As far as any fast track to publishing in general? I don't know what it is. Have a eye-grabbing-great cover. Write more than one book. And don't over promote on social media.

5. Would you want your book to be made into a movie? If so, who would be the director?  I like my books to stay as books. Movies are wonderful, but I don't see my books headed that way. Maybe a miniseries on Netflix. 
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