Friday, October 2, 2015

And one suitcase full of makeup....

It is great to have been subscribing to Birchbox, Ipsy and Bulu for finding items I didn't know I needed...

Yet its my YouTube subscriptions that gave me the need to have nearly a whole suitcase dedicated to makeup.

Yes I might have lost 30 pounds but I am gaining it back in makeup
Beauty Vloggers are pretty awesome where I have learned about Primer.

Primer for my lips, eyes, face and maybe one for Life but that is top secret

Lisa Eldridge is one who really helped me understand some intricate makeup tips that actually is basic

Are you excited ? Great because All That Glitters 21 is just that exciting!

I have acne scars that double as blush if I am not wearing makeup so keeping those under wraps is sometimes the harder part of my effort to look like I have effortless makeup Goss, Wayne - Wayne Goss helped me understand concealer and some other tips that well is easy enough

I would love to lose 100 pounds but as it is I am slowly getting the next 30 done so Makeup Geek is pretty nice to hear about how she lost 100lbs and is doing her makeup.

Jessica Braun is my subscription box hero and makeup guru I consistently check because she is very basic in her descriptions.

If you have read this blog before you know that I adore My Life on and off the Guestlist  that was way before I even saw her Youtube channel.

Oh - will I have a YouTube Channel? vyou days are over
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