Friday, October 9, 2015

Go South?

While I have now planned my trip to Eureka for next Spring that involves more stops than the line 22 in San Jose.

I went to San Luis Obispo and aside from the Men's Colony, the Nuclear Energy Facility and one aggressive sea lion the trip was really great and I totally recommend heading to SLO if you can afford it.

You see the Oz affect has occurred in SLO where rents are $1800 and above complete with restrictions and no dogs.

Side Note : Why would any one pay for 700 square feet and NOT have a dog and a dishwasher?

I enjoyed the central location and going to the events that were local.

I just couldn't stay though if money were no object I would have stayed and stayed.

Eureka is still on the agenda but when you live in Oz where on any random day you can sit next to a millionaire and listen to a homeless person rap while students kibitz over a teacher assignment you get spoiled.

Spoiled Rotten.

Maybe SLO will be more appealing but right now Oz is pretty damn amazing.
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