Sunday, October 4, 2015

Revisit with Zoe Ambler 5 Questions

Hey Remember 5 Questions well we are revisiting those today with Zoe Ambler. 

Here is straight from Zoe on what's happening and how she is doing!

Lets see...well, I have some new god-awful pics on my blog now. I havent chosen one for my static. I HATE MY HAIR.
There will be little to no blog post in the month of November, as I will be dedicating it to NaNoWriMo. I'll have a little more than just writing on my plate as I am a Municipal Liaison this year. ~squeee~

The new book...well...its been a tough one. Little time to write on it, and the real obstable has been 'getting into it'. The story is there, the ending is there, the ideas are there...just tying them all together has been a struggle.
The month of November will be dedicated to pulling all those strings and making something winning.
So, to the questions shall we?

Q1 When you write do you start with the ending of the story and work backward?
Q1A:  I start somewhere in the middle, actually. I have an idea of where I'd like it to end. Its the beginning that is tough, the middle even tougher. The ending is usally quite easy, but I really dont start at that point.

Q2 What state do you want to die in? 
Q2A: Not on a plastic sheeting then rolled up and put in someone's deep freezer? Oh, wait...thats not what you meant...Alabama. Or Florida. But mostly home here in Alabama. And I will be cremated. With an Irish Wake, even though I'm not Irish.

Q3 Can you take your RPG world and make it a book?
Q3A. I have done that! My RPG life and characters are what brought Addison and Genesis to life in the pages of my books. They are still on-going characters in the games, without very different outcomes in from what is seen in the books!

Q4 Self Publishing is hard, is there a fast track to getting published the old fashioned way?
Q4A:. I would have to say that Self Publishing now-days IS the fast track. Trying to sell your book to an agency is harder than just producing it yourself. Both will drive you equally insane, but I think publishing through an agent would cause less collateral damage, such as things being tossed the room, vases being broken, and artwork being vandalized. Writers are thugs, dont you know?

Q5 Would you want your book to be made into a movie? If so, who would be the director?
Q5A. He is not a big time movie director, but I would have to say Jensen Ackles from Supernatural fame. Have you seen the episodes he has directed? Brilliant. And he knows his creatures, and I think would work well with some of the comedic references I tend to make in my writing. He also knows how to make something creepy and scary without going over the top with it. My books contain little to no bad words or situations that arent just implied. They are suitable for all audiences. I think being in TV, Mr Ackles could bring it all to life.

Thank you so much for thinking of me with your questions! I love doing these things. PICK MY BRAIN!!

Thank YOU Zoe! 

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