Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Where to go if you are local but actually a visitor for #SB50

Let's face it, I am not only the best guide to food and where to go I know what you can do.

So, first pack a lunch or check these fun adventures you can have at

Happy Hollow Zoo 


  or stop the Ainsley House for some tea or plan a wedding 

While we are talking houses, stopping in to The Winchester Mystery House is might see Sarah herself

Next feel free to stop me if you have already trekked up and down the Los Gatos Creek Trail all the way to Vasona Park and then into Los Gatos for some down time ? 
Oh you have well then head the other direction to meet up at the Tech Museum, California Theater or Children's Discovery Museum. 

After walking a mere four miles to downtown San Jose hop on the lightrail to go to what is affectionately called the Not so Great Mall but you can still find some great deals and Dave and Busters is there.

If you want some more things to do...then head over to Bass Pro Shop Fishbowl for guessed it bowling. 

If you want to get away from all the crowds but still want to See Food head over Highway 17 to Neptune's Kingdom for some fun and salt water taffy while the sun sets. 

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