Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2008 repeat post ...or exercise

It has been while...we have to talk about rain even from this post from 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rain is good luck?

Solution #5

The rain water is flowing into the Los Gatos Creek then into the Ocean. In a recent radio commercial the need to improve water collection is presented by improving the water system from the Sacramento Delta to Lexington Reservoir.
Campbell has a water tower and I am pretty sure that wasn't suppose to be decorative when it was first erected.
Water conservation might start with a collection of rain water in a municipality.
But keeping 5 gallons of water for drinking & eating the collected rain water could be dispersed in the event of an emergency as water to use for other needs. Simple 5 gallon tanks could be placed around Campbell to collect the water then every quarter (1-6 inches of rain fall is expected each year amounts to about a gallon) empty the gallons into a larger treatment tank of simple iodine or other parasite killing agent.
Then in an emergency there is some water available locally.
Again the residents could voluntarily keep the gallons at their residence too and do the treatment because every drop of rain is needed.

Happy New Year! It is Chinese New Year and as I watched the Chinese New Year Parade on KTVU I found out that apparently Rain is good luck.
Trust me running a campaign for public office involves a lot of rain. I am working out a lot of items from my personal life and that can interfere with the desire to work for the residents of Campbell.
Many people tell me that I have a long ways to go until November 4th, but what many people don't know is that the election date isn't half of it.
There is the FPPC filings, the coordination of funds and trust me I have put a lot into the campaign and now I am looking at paying taxes which can throw a wrench into everything.
Oh, then you have to pay to put your name on the ballot, throw fundraisers, get refreshments for volunteers, buy gas for your car, make sure you have all the supplies ready for another event, go to community meetings, take a stand on a multitude of issues, remember birthdays, holidays, and try to get some sleep.
So while I celebrate the Chinese New Year with a bright orange and a lot of luck. I believe I can in this year of the Rat I will get to become a leader and serve my community.
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