Thursday, March 10, 2016

Celebrate the holidays with a Horse : repeat

*** It is true I am repeating posts all this month and this one is from celebrating another holiday with a horse because what else would I do? ****

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving with a horse....

There is usually a ton of people to express sincere gratitude this year but because it is my last year blogging here I figure I should hold back some secrets and just related how from 1986-1998 my family spent Thanksgiving.

This is much different then the the 1976-1985 Thanksgivings spent in Maui, Hawaii...don't ask its not THAT great.

You see in October 1986 my father gave me a horse and really what happened was the horse adopted us as a family. Faye was an immediate presence at any family function and as the years passed by we spent a lot of time devising ways for said horse to join us at the dinner table.

Literally, the horse had a "special plate" and everything. When we had said horse in our backyard, we fed her first.

and she got dessert too and carrots and oats.

When the power went out and we couldn't heat the water...I got weatherstripping for her stall...I am not joking.

While the first Thanksgiving is about as eventful as we could make it, it would be the addition of Little Apple and PJ that I remember the most.

Little Apple had contracted Pigeon fever and I spent Thanksgiving not only eating a Swanson Tv Dinner but draining pus and ickystuff out of Little Apple.
This is while the rest of my family was in Seattle ( I think my dad was looking for a place to move to keep the herd there )

PJ was our surviving horse and colic on Thanksgiving so much so that she had to have fluids intravenous delivered for three days...THREE DAYS 24/ 7 a day. My parents and I spent a hearty portion not eating Thanksgiving dinner but making mush for PJ.
The vet even thought we were crazy and by the end of 72 hours when my father returned to his office the entire SEATAC airport was aware of PJ's status...why? From PJ's stall my father got defrosting syrup for the planes delivered so the flights would be able to leave on Thanksgiving weekend. ...People could hear the horse in the background whinny....

To say that Faye, PJ, and Little Apple were part of the family would be disingenuous these horses made our family whole as holiday planning revolved around what the horses could do. Many times there was an extra bag of carrots, apples for the horses that we donated to local charities that we said were from Faye, PJ and Little Apple.

So thank you for volunteering and donating and just remember not all Thanksgivings revolve around a turkey unless of course you are not going to make a plate for Faye she might actually kick ya....

Silly memories...great times..and family

Have a great Thanksgiving....
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