Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I love Government Agencies ...really #perfecthusbandever!

**** I got my tax refund so looking back on this post is actually kinda funny to me***

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crap , double crap...IRS

Folks, things are not going well for me I admit this.

Add in a nice little letter from the IRS regarding my 2007 taxes.

A majority of my things, records, kitchen appliances, and even a stuffed animals. Pictures of me as a child as a teenager things of monumental importance to me and my taxes. Now this would be normal except everything is in a box.

Upon getting this letter, my heart dropped, I screamed out, I called my sister and screamed at her.

It's only $25,000 it is only this only that only this and that. I have to tear thru not one box not two about 10 in the front room, nine in the bedroom two drawers in the hutch, six boxes in storage, drawers thrown about, I took one call explained my heart wrenching stomach empty experience to said caller who sympathized with my insurmountable plight.

I had to grab my wits, and empty my stomach. I found nothing, 1990 taxes, 1998 taxes, 2000, assorted 2005, and not in that order.
Open one box find kitchen tools, open another box and only find 2003 taxes, you see I organized by taking copies of the returns, but I did not organize my taxes in just one box.

Except 2007, being environmentally friendly I saw, reasonably clarified the opportunity to scan my tax return and save it digitally.
Yeah, brilliant environmentalist here but, I am not totally green I know I would have made copies especially since I had that hiccup with the IRS last year and the stimulus stimulated my return making it zero...well it was zero until I got the letter. I kept records, copies of something somewhere...somewhere.

My mind raced and my knees got weak and stomach bile boiled up into in my throat I knew I was lost especially with just a digital copy of my tax return.

Papers strewn about from boxes littering my abode.

Exasperated, I felt lost, abandoned, alone, so very alone....

I emptied one last place a laundry basket from previous abode there a brown envelope contained my copy and documents.

Pissing myself, slapping myself, crying, breathing heavily, sore muscles, red eyes, cuts from ripping open boxes, taking a dull knife and stabbing a box with memories vital to my existence only to find the needed documents in a laundry basket.

I am relieved until Monday when I go see the tax attorney. I am to try to remember to breath.

Wish me luck? Save it and buy lottery ticket.
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