Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I spent time in a theater was dark.

**** Repeating a post from 2008 about movies...if you don't know in this month of March I saw a LOT of movies including three film festivals eyes don't know sunlight ****

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I like the theater experience just like everyone else, but lately I have had the interesting experience of Shushing someone. I never really try to practice it but, this year's batch of movies coupled with the economic times has put more people in the Matinee showings than I am use to.

So you can imagine my disdain when I pay my $7.50 (sometimes I have to pay $10.50) get my $12 bottle water, small candy or popcorn (Aquafina $3.50 to $4 M&M $4 Small popcorn $4) then getting pinned between Chatty Cathy and Laughing Larry. It is just too much.

So you can imagine I am happy to pass on some great finds in the Cinematic World.
First off, there are still Free Friday's movie screenings around the area from Palo Alto to Morgan Hill you should find some great venues and great movies in the park or parking lot where you can get popcorn for $2 and bring your own chair and sit and watch a movie under the stars.

Next up, get a group together of 25 or more friends and watch first run movies comfortably at $15 a person you get food and theater to yourself Again more the merrier.

Lastly, Cinelux theaters have Tuesday nights for $5, but there is also $5 drinks and popcorn so have dinner beforehand.
Oh! and if you can't stand that or you only have 10 friends take a bed sheet or two put up against the garage wall rent a movie projector or if you have one, hook it up to your laptop and charge a $1 to the neighborhood kids and families to sit in the driveway or backyard to watch your favorite movie.

So, which do you want to watch first?
Gone with the Wind or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow?
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