Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Repeating the Diet Game

**** Its true my birthday maybe over but the month is long and you know it so here is another diatribe about my dieting adventure parachutes allowed ***

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Irate Tirade: Weightloss in general

Okay last post in this regard is about the weightloss in general. Pills, Magazine profiles, mini television commercials about products, items, and anything "healthy".

It is enough to make you scream. Until of course you look at how the word Diet and Health are interchanged and utilized for good.

Take for instance grammar schools installing a garden for students to learn 1) farming 2) healthy food 3) better habits? okay all three plus some more but it is under the direction of philanthropist / entrepeanuer Alice Waters a chef who I am sure at one point put a stick of butter in something and called it good too.

Next you have Jaime Oliver pursuing the same principles in an entire town. He tried mitigate the results and in just six weeks the whole town was transformed yet, a lot of hard work and fancy editing instead.

Now you have Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers and of course Valerie for Jenny Craig these are sponsored spots promoting a product but no where is that mentioned its comparable to a game show...who is the most popular person going to get the most changes yearly and in the case of Kirstie Alley depends on the National Enquirer story. 

Then you have the independent business person with a exercise plan either a personal trainer or exercise professional starts a private practice or a bootcamp..healthy and diet join exercise and together make a tasty, expensive sandwhich but for $12 for m-f bootcamp you get a healthy dose of exercise to help you eat healthy too.

What about the medical industry with its liposuction and lapbands. Why is a general anthesiaologist and a general practicioner referring you to a gastronomics major but a physical thereapist has to see your first after your appointment with the psychologist...that scenario alone yields what..$400 in office visits? Where is the accountablility there especially when those techniques to support healthy living.

All in all weightloss can be a science, a pet project and a money-making endeavor depending on the point of view.

In closing, I am trying to lose weight albeit as best as I can in conjunction with the my addictions and needing to eat in general.
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