Friday, March 11, 2016

Zippy from 2014 : repeat

*** I see my posts of repeating are a bit higher about 10% right now of the 3100 posts so far..enjoy***

Zip it Up!

At the beginning of the year I made a statement that if I spent X dollars on Zipcar that I would go out and buy a car.

Well, I did spend that X amount on Zipcar and yet I still do not have an inclination to go out and purchase a vehicle. 

Instead, I plowed on with taking Zipcar up and down Hwy 1 from Davenport to Newport Beach. I adore my zipcar trips in a way that makes me appear a little strange to others.


Maybe its the free gas. 

Maybe its the 180 free miles. 

Maybe because I get to choose from 500 cars...yeah..FIVE HUNDRED CARS and that is not including Avis ones either. 

Granted, there are very disappointing times that do occur in my journey with Zipcar from dirty cars to flat tires to no car being there. Spending $600 to use Zipcar is a bit steep for some but considering the opportunity to pick up a Prius or a cargo van its pretty darn nice to have that ability to do that.

There are hiccups in every relationship and for the most part I like the flexibility of it all. 

Did I mention I like the red colored cars...yeah I also like the sporty Altima and the Ford Focus. 

I also get to drive a Volkswagon, Jeep, Honda, Kia, Toyota, and even a Chevy. Seriously, I do have a lot to choose from. 

Yet, when it rained I did look at a 2006 Pontiac a little bit longer than usual, but the truth is owning a car that will need tires ( $400 ) brakes ($150 if I do them myself ) at least 3 oil changes a year ( $100 ) Tune Up ( $200 ) Insurance ( me great driver $500 annually ) Spare Tire ( $200 w/ Rim ). This is not including gas costs but the base is equal to what I would be spending the same amount with a bus pass($840 a year) and my Zip Car membership ( $670) so I would rather have the opportunity to let someone else drive and get to choose my vehicle than be stuck with a vehicle I don't really want. 
By the way this is NOT a sponsored post I really have gone from Napa to Dana Point with Zipcar and a lot of places in between.
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