Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fitness Blender till I find a new gym

While I search for a new gym because my fitness routine needs me to do go someplace to get the workout done.

I have been enjoying the Fitness Blender videos and these did play a part in my decision to stop paying for Retro Fitness membership.

Here are my favorites ..

I usually make a 37 minute video about 45 minutes I try the first time around

The next one is for my abs ...

I think I took an extra long time with this one I made it about 30 minutes  
the next one does have some weights in it but I try it with weights around 10lbs ( water bottles are great weights fill with sand is good too ) 

I really like these videos that include a warm up and a cool down. 
I have been doing these for about a month or so and I feel pretty good doing them I am not hurt or anxious like I sometimes feel with some classes. 

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