Monday, April 25, 2016

Food Smells

One of the problems with exercising and trying to lose weight is you do notice how food tastes, looks, and smells.

One of my newest pet peeves is the smelly food. Especially microwave diet meals. Those lean dinners are probably packed with sodium but, they smell so good.

Hence, a problem I incurred going to the gym.
I usually would be on a stationary bike now the riding of the bike is not exactly hard and it actually was getting very, very boring so, I listen to the jams on the music play list and let my mind wander.

Then it happens I am staring off into the sky as the music fills my head there it is. That mouth watering scent of orange chicken with pilaf rice for just 100 calories or that fake bar-b-que scent thick with brown sugar over the smallest cuts of meat by product with cheesy fake potatoes for just 120 calories.

I think the one that gets the worst of me is anything garlic rice chicken thing. You see I actually like garlic now that I cook and it can be super sweet and tasty adding depth to a boring piece of chicken but, in some prepackaged fake sobu noodle shrimp 6oz tray container that you heat up for 3 minutes in the microwave the smell is sickening.

Especially, if you are trying NOT to think about food.
I understand the gym staff needing to be social and eat at certain time between clients. Maybe the gym doesn't have an employee area select away from the clients and they can't eat anywhere else.

Still I just can't really I just can not tolerate it and defending myself against a smell takes a lot more energy.

So I am leaving the gym in hopes I can overcome my newfound issue with food and still workout.
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