Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Giving Money Away : A Billion versus $20

One of the greatest things about having money is the ability to give it away.

Seriously, if / when I win money from the lottery I can pretty much guarantee it will depreciate by 10% before I get the remaining money after taxes.

Thus, I thought it odd for Mark Zuckerberg to only give away 99% of his money I mean really...that isn't a lot compared you have to still make a billions of dollars per se.
Also, babies can get expensive with 17 body guards.

Why did I bother with that drivel, you ask?

Simply pledging and donating are two different things.

I donated $110 to five different causes one day.

Hey $110 isn't much and such an odd number what is your impact ?

You are right what is my impact from supporting equine therapies and VSA in TN?
How could the YMCA benefit from me supporting Y-Scholars ?
What difference does my few pennies to the HSSV make ?
How does donating money to Operation Care and Comfort value against donating time?

All valid questions but, let's be real here

What have you done lately?

How much money are you willing to part with ?

What is the value of donating money versus donating time?

Why not donate both money and time?

How many causes can you impact in one sitting?

Better yet, what can I do next?

Sure, a BILLION dollars is nice and sexy and makes a visible impact at some point in someone at someplace.

Yet, there is a lot of service fees. One of my donations explained that in processing my donation it would cost $2.25 for every ten dollars can you imagine that on hundreds or thousands of dollars?

It is horribly sad to bring this up but you know the musician 50 Cent filed for Bankruptcy but has photos of him with stacks of cash. 50 Cent admitted that because of the black rapper lifestyle insists on showing money as a sign of success that the photos are of fake dollars.

Now I won't lie to you but really just black rapper lifestyle insists on showing your money as a sign of success.

I guess old caucasian lifestyle insists on putting your name on buildings as a sign of success

Something tells me that this might be fake too. 

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