Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hang Out Locally : Vino Paint

One thing I learned about traveling its always better to spend a day as a local. From walking the downtown in the morning light to hanging out on the ocean if the locals do it then you should too.

Hence #VinoPaint this activity takes place pretty much every where but, honestly it was awesome to enjoy my hometown with a great local artist Sonya Paz.

Here is a few snapshots of the fun to be had
One amazing thing about the opportunity to be a local is that you get to discover a hidden gem of a locale like Tessora's 

Everyone starts out the same way there is no one right or wrong way and with the provided primed canvas you enjoy the opportunity to be very creative without fear of being perfect.

Oh and there is wine and good food to enjoy as you try your hand at art. The best part is you are not the only one trying this and you get to enjoy the camaraderie of locals.

And well I had fun too!

Eventually getting a painting a picture

It was great fun with a lot of patience and help from everyone including the baristas and paint goddesses ..

Definitely check out local events when you are looking to stay local!
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