Saturday, April 9, 2016

I am not broke #savingmoney?

I have a problem a very serious problem.

I can not shop anymore.

Its serious. I have needed the following items for more than two months:

  • shoes
  • laptop
  • phone
  • work shirts
  • work pants
  • work shoes
  • exercise shoes
  • exercise clothes
  • haircut
  • manicure
  • laptop
Now some of these things may seem like frivolous repeats and I have enjoyed a lot of swag but I prepay for my swag.
Also, I am down to about three good pairs of pants and one pair of work shoes that don't really fit. 

I am just not buying things ...period. 
In my mass decluttering I have tried to stretch the use/value of items out to a point that I will only buy something 70% off. 

I really need running shoes seriously. I found out just how bad my knees were and my hips and all because I was wearing the wrong footwear. Yet, I was refusing to pay $49.99 for memory foam soles because I know memory foam is a cheap product not a recycled product but cheap material used ..its really cheap.  

Then there is the clothes, I have been told and read about how as an person of a certain age and demographic if I want to get noticed I need to start dressing the part not just what my uniform is totally comfortable. 

Let's start with the shoes. I am the WORST ..I go to Walmart and buy three or four pairs for less than $40. 
No really I do. I rarely purchase a pair over $20.
Case in point, I went to Off Broadway there is a section of all clearance up to 70% off I found a pair of beige shoes (perfect for work) for $12 there. 
Then I went to Ross ..I found a pair Fila for $19.99. 
Yes I paid about $44 total for two pairs of shoes compared to $49 for one pair of Nike's. 

Now clothes. I see 70% off at Eddie Bauer shirt $7 one pair of pants $12 ..yes I paid $20 for an outfit ..
BUT ...
I didn't pick up said outfit ? Why? The line was too long and I know I can do this later and probably find more stuff ..

Now, the Laptop is a long torture involved struggle. 
In part because I want a camera
In part because I want a phone
In part because I want a minimum of 4GB/16GB SSD and I like it to weight less than 3.5 pounds.
I also don't care for Apple and I am not in love with Intel chips. 
I have some reservations about Microsoft Window PC's and I have gotten a scratch that only Chromebooks seem to itch but I don't want to pay over $300 for something that I will basically throw away in two years. 

Yes, my friend told me today I am not picky but I have issues. 

So why am I spending any money at all? 

Gym Membership
Bus Pass
Trips out of town...

It is bad period. I have my tickets and trip set for Eureka and Anaheim but will I have any clothes to wear? 
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