Sunday, April 3, 2016

I can cook ! really I can

If you know about my relationship with the local fire department ...I call them before I turn on the stove. Remember, I have three fire extinguishers in my storage unit for a reason too.

When I do cook I usually start with butter or bacon add a clove of garlic, shake of pepper / salt then add whatever meat there is around or potatoes.

that is bacon and three fresh garlic cloves.

on this special night I had shrimp from Trader Joes so it was pretty much heat and season with black pepper.

Voila !  there is 
Shrimp on a plate. 

No one got hurt during this meal and this was kinda of an appetizer to this 

Yes that is green peas and crispy crispy bacon ...garlic clove
its delish seriously. 

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