Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Allergy because that is what happens now

I love taking time off and doing stuff. So my pals and I hung out one long weekend and guess what?
I got sick at the end of what should have been a beautiful day.


I am allergic to shellfish apparently.

Yes, me. The person who sat with her parents so many years ago and would indulge in oysters, shrimp, and lobster tails like it was going out of style.

I mean I love oysters

So I am kinda distraught over the mere fact it had probably been a good five years since I did the same kind of indulgence with friends. 

It was a Friday afterall. 

I think my last lobster was about 8 years ago complete with butter and a name. 
I usually have clam chowder but that apparently is not the source of my allergy unless cooking is the problem. 

I just finished making garlic and shrimp a few weeks ago so why would a couple shrimp tacos, lobster roll, and fresh oysters have such an ill effect on me. 

An ill as in empty my entire stomach contents ill. 

There is a hint of a possibility that the seafood overload could have had some domoic acid the pesky neurotoxin that comes from algae blooms in the Pacific Ocean ( hey we don't have tornadoes here so algae blooms it is ). 

The culprit is again my apparent aging process per the doctor and while oysters are a great source of iron and zinc, I might want to try taking more iron and zinc pills. 

Honestly, I am not really willing to find out if my allergy is to shellfish because once you have seen all you stomach contents in front of you projected with the same force as a motor engine you tend to forgo the seafood course. 

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