Saturday, April 2, 2016

Over Due Ipsy review

Some of you know about my issues with Birchbox and subscription boxes in general.

So I pared down my obsession to Ipsy for makeup in part because I like to reuse the bag.

Here is the one from February

I love seeing the bright, purple bag in my mailbox every month. The monthly bags are just right for reuse and regifting if I ever part with them.

I do donate a few of the bags out but the stuff inside ...omg I am pretty happy with

with 5 to 6 items I find myself kinda giddy when I do see the bag. February was perfect as I needed some hair serum and the deep red nail polish was great. I included the Trust Fund Nail polish I really really adore and wish my nails would grow more and my nerves stop making me keep my nails short.

I usually post almost the minute I get the bag but sometimes I am just plain busy and that is they way it goes for me.

Yes one issue I had getting both Birchbox and Ipsy I would get products from the same company and that is okay but the fact is I near a set of of makeup sticks now.

I also usually get something to help me with my aging but don't tell my doctor he isn't allowed to use that word with me.

So yeah I like getting Ipsy. 

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