Monday, April 11, 2016

Overdue: Silicon Valley Comic Con Experience Part 1 of 2

I went to the first Silicon Valley Comic Con from March 18 to 20th. The event was very good overall experience. In fact, as I look back on it the event could have happened anywhere in Silicon Valley and it would have been great event.

I took it all in as best as I could even studying the program a couple of times.
I do not think that Woz could have asked for better weather for the event either.

One thing about this event was there was a lot of rules about cosplay and remember just because someone is dressed cosplay it is not consent.
My only point about this was do we not know regular clothes at this event isn't the real cosplay. I did make a point of asking everyone beforehand if I could take their picture.

The hard part about this event for me was all the people. I do not have this problem at wine events at all. I have been to a lot of wine events with more than 30K people and yet no qualms. Yet, I was in a convention room with 500 people and I could feel my throat tighten and palms sweat, then put me in a merchandise hall with 10K I was doing my best not to run out of there.
The entire event was three days and for the actors, writers and fans it was a huge success.
That success is due to the volunteers ..who were great and very helpful. Everyone was pretty good spirits and the volunteers were working very hard especially trying to maintain lines for photos of the DeLorean and celebrities.

I am looking forward to going to next year convention and now I am more knowledgeable about planning my experience too.....because there will be a line

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